I want to take the opportunity to personally thank you for both the exceptional customer service and product provided to Concrete & Masonry Restoration by Milwaukee Metal Products. Over the past 3 years of business together, you have been able to meet our demanding requirements and deadlines from all areas of supply, fabrication and manufacturing. As our business is constantly changing and adapting, your ability to assist with various fabrications, designs and alternative solutions has been so valuable to us.

In short, thank you to the entire team for consistently meeting and exceeding our high demands with our ever growing needs that reach from Wisconsin to Alaska.
It continues to be a pleasure working together!

Concrete and Masonry Restoration

Milwaukee Metal Products is my first and only choice for stamping in the Milwaukee area. For over 20 years they consistently met or exceeded my expectations for pricing and lead time availability on my parts. When I have a customer who needs to place a rush order, they are always willing to accommodate my request even if it requires as little as a 24 hour turnaround. They are quick to communicate if an issue arises with an order that may compromise the lead time, but honestly that rarely if ever happens; I regularly receive my orders well in advance of my stated lead time. I wish all of my vendors were as reliable as MMP. I’ve enjoyed all aspects of working with them in the past and look forward to a great relationship in the near and long term future. MMP is a company that their competitors should model themselves after.

A-C Equipment Services

MMP is a very responsive and actively cooperative supplier always looking to get us exactly what we need.

Ludell Manufacturing
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