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Barrel Crushers

Our barrel crushers help you reduce waste disposal costs by crushing and compacting barrels and drums. This reduces the volume of waste, thereby reducing disposal costs. Milwaukee Metal Product barrel crushers can compact full drums or crush empty drums as needed.

We have a variety of barrel crushers available to suit your needs. We make barrel crushers to handle 55 gallon drums.  We even have smaller crushers for 5 gallon buckets or 1 gallon paint cans.

Parcel Carts

Our parcel carts were initially designed for use in large shipping and logistical facilities, but they can be utilized for a variety of mobile workstations.

These carts have two work stations and can hold multiple keyboards, printers and up to four monitors. Heavy duty steel welded construction and durable powder coating make these carts stand the test of time.

Stainless Steel Countertops

Our stainless steel countertops can be made to fit any space where you need durable, easy to clean work surfaces. Stainless steel countertops are a popular option in high end kitchens due to their clean look, durability, and recyclability.  

Whether you are working on a residential kitchen remodel, or outfitting the kitchen of the next hot restaurant in town, come to Milwaukee Metal Products for stainless steel countertops customized for your space.

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