Milwaukee Metal Products Capabilities

Our Services

Our team of skilled professionals can support your fabrication project before, during and after the fabrication process. Our professional engineering and design team will make sure your part comes out exactly the way you need it, with as little waste as possible. Our skilled fabrication team crafts your custom metal products to your exacting specifications. We can also handle light assembly, as well as drop shipping and just-in-time inventory management. Our team is available to discuss your needs.

Steel Fabrication

From simple to complex, we can handle all your steel or stainless steel fabrication needs. Whether you have a napkin sketch or an AutoCad drawing, we can create the parts you need at a reasonable cost. Simple to very complex metal fabrication including welding, bending, shearing, punching or many other operations are right in our wheelhouse.

Aluminum Fabrication

We have extensive experience in aluminum fabrication and can handle any of your fabrication needs. We excel at at aluminum welding, but our expertise doesn’t stop there. We can handle all sorts of fabrication including bending, shearing, punching and many other secondary operations.

Fabricated Assemblies

We can add latches, springs or other finishing touches to your fabrications to save you time and money. We can handle hydraulic, pneumatic, and electric assembly. Not sure if we can handle your project? Contact us and find out whether we can help you.

Design Engineering

Our expert designers can help you create your fabrication drawings, or just refine them to save you money in the production process. Our professional manufacturing engineers utilize the latest AutoCad and Merry Mechanization CAM systems to make sure your fabrication design is perfectly suited for your needs while minimizing waste and enhancing product design and structural integrity.

Contract Manufacturing

We offer complete build-to-specifications service from material procurement to finish packaging including mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic assembly. Turnkey services include complete assembly of your custom metal fabrication with motors, electric, hydraulic and pneumatic controls and safety devices.


Eliminate shipping and warehousing hassles by having your products delivered where and when you need them. We can help you fulfill customer orders through drop shipping or manage your inventory with just-in-time delivery of your custom metal fabrications.

Our Facilities

Over the years, our metal shop has grown to over 32,000 sq. ft. We have the latest CAM and AutoCAD systems for our design and engineering work.
Our welding, shearing, bending, drilling, punching and tapping equipment allows Milwaukee Metal Products to create any custom metal fabrication you require.

Find Out How We Can Help

We can handle any job, large or small. Request a FREE quote and find out what we can do for you!